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Pastel Chain Link Add On

3 chain
6 chain

Part of our add-ons line for our keychains, this is the perfect way to customize your key rings. You can purchase this separately or with an acrylic charm.

Please note that colors will be randomly mixed for this add-on. If you have specific requests for colors for your chain, please leave them in the note section at checkout.

  • if you want this to be directly attached to the acrylic charm you purchased, please leave a note at checkout and specify which you want it attached to.
  • please note that this accessory does not come with any jump rings unless you request it. we will only automatically include jump rings if you request us to install this accessory directly to an acrylic charm you bought in the same order
  • we will replace the basic keyring your charm comes with and send that to you separately. you can swap it out in the future as you wish.