Our washi tape pre-orders is currently ongoing. This is your chance to grab washi tape designs that have gone out of stock previously in our shop. Pre-orders will go from Feb 22 until Feb 28 11:59PM PST. All orders will have a processing period of 4-6 weeks to allow time for production.

Please read the faq before purchasing: https://paperkumaco.com/pages/washi-tape-preorders-feb-22-28


You can find all the details/updates and FAQ's of washi tape preorders here.

Washi Tape Preorders Current status: 

Washi tapes pre-order period 


 Feb 22 - 28, 2021 (PST)



1.  When will washi tape pre-orders take place?

Pre-orders will take place from Feb 22, 2021 - Feb 28, 2021. Please note that orders may NOT be edited, combined with other orders, cancelled or refunded. Once your order is placed, it is final. 

2. When will preorders ship?

All pre-order washi tapes will ship in 4-6 weeks after order date. Late March 2021 - early April 2021. Please note that since this is a pre-order, this is only a tentative date, it may change if there are problems with manufacturing. All updates will be made on this page.

3. How do pre-orders work?

Essentially, preorders will be regular listings on our websites. You can purchase and pay for them during the pre order period (Feb 22- Feb 28). I will then get production underway. Washi tapes have a processing period of 4-6 weeks. Washi tapes will arrive to me around late March to early April. Your order will ship sometime during this period (Late March/. Shipping time will depend on your location.

4. Can I purchase in-stock items with my presale order?

No, all presale orders may not be mixed with in-stock items. If you wish to order in-stock items, please make a separate purchase. Any orders that are mixing pre-orders or in-stock items will be entirely cancelled.

4. How much will washi tapes be? 

Each bundle price has been pre-determined. This price is slightly cheaper than if you were to buy the washi tapes separately. Please view individual listings for the price. There are no additional discount codes/sales during this pre-order period.  

5. Will there be options for random bundles or pick your own bundle?

No, bundles are pre-determined and may not be purchased separately.

6. What are the sizes of the washi tapes?

All of our washi tapes are 15mm x 10M (.59in x 32 FT).

7.  Can I purchase washi tapes separately (not in a bundle)?

During the pre-order periods, washi tapes will only be available in bundles. This is to ensure a smooth process with order processing. Since there is going to be so many designs available, listing them separately would make order processing and shipping very slow. However, I will be stocking extras for most designs. These extras will be for sale on our site later in April, where you can purchase the designs separately and not have to wait a processing period. 

8. Will there be a limit on pre-orders?

No, pre-orders are unlimited. If you are looking to purchase in-stock washi in April, those will be limited.

9. What is the difference between pre-orders and pre-sales?

There is no difference. I will use these words interchangeably.

10.  What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are just as usual. It is dependent on your country. Orders in the US $40+ and international orders $100+ will be valid for our free shipping offers.

11. What if I miss the presales?

We will do more pre-sales in the future to ensure that you can get the washi tapes you want without the stress of limited stock during new releases.

12. Are pre-sale orders valid for monthly shop freebies?

Pre-orders will not receive the February shop freebies since orders won't ship until March or April. Instead, all preorders will receive an exclusive sticker sampler and washi card freebie. Designs will be unveiled closer to the shipping date to keep it a surprise!! Each order will receive 1 sticker sampler and washi card. Each order will also receive the regular shop freebies depending on order amount (may include: name tag, sticker flakes, sticker samplers etc.). The regular samplers will be randomized.