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OOPS Stickers Grab Bag (5 sheets)

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This listing includes 5 flawed/imperfect sheets or the equivalent of 5 sheets (half sheets, sticker packs etc.) of OOPS stickers. By purchasing this product, you are ok with having stickers that contain flaws. Additionally, there may be some extra sticker flakes, 1/6 or 1/8 sheets of oops stickers if available as well; this is done randomly.

Please note that this grab bag is chosen randomly and so you will not be able see which stickers you will get. There will be a mix of character, functional, text, kawaii and decor stickers depending on what is available in the shop. Each set will have no doubles (within 1 grab bag - if you order multiple, there may be doubles).

Flaws may include:

- slightly off cuts (too deep, not deep enough, miscentered etc.)
- missing cuts (you can use scissors to cut the stickers out)
- missing stickers on the sheet
- sticker sheet is bent or incomplete
- printing discoloration (slight streaks, light colors, wrong colors etc.)
- any markings on the sticker sheet that makes it less than perfect

Most stickers are still usable but there may be some/ a few stickers on the sheets that are not.

No exchanges or returns for OOPS stickers.

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